About Us

Ledet Muleta, an Ethiopian-American nurse working in behavioral health science, wants to bring attention to the growing mental health crisis within the African community. Muleta, who came to America 23 years ago, has been working as a Psychiatric Nurse and behavioral research nurse for the past decade. Over the past two years, she travelled to 5 African countries, where the lack of mental health resources and growing drug and alcohol abuse are evident. Visiting these countries, including her home in Ethiopia, led her to create Medixaa Health Services, a 501c3 nonprofit based in Washington, DC, which aims to reduce the disparities in minority mental health issues.

The mental health and addiction problem in Africa is compounded by several issues. There is poor drug regulation, leading to an increase in availability to addictive substances, including cocaine, heroin, and alcohol. There is little-to-no education on the consequences of drug abuse.

The lack of mental health resources and services leads those who are mentally ill to turn to addiction. War, poverty, human rights violations and infectious disease add to the continent's vulnerability. According to a study done by American Medical Association, 44% of Liberians exhibit post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms due to these conditions.

Muleta recently partnered with Community Centers in the Washington D.C. area, including Northern Virginia and Maryland. She will be providing referrals, support groups, substance abuse assessments, mental health education, mental health promotion, and helping to reduce stigma in this demographic where resources are minimal. Currently, only 19 of the 45 African World Health Organization member states have an identifiable mental health policy, and 70% of African countries allocate less than 1% of their total health budget to mental health. Even Africans who come to America are unable to obtain support and adequate mental health resources due to their prior experiences.

Medixaa Health Services clients are: anyone living in the Washington D.C. area and any minority groups, targeting the Ethiopian and other African nationals. This partnership will allow Medixaa Health Services and Muleta to build their mission of promoting awareness and offering resources for those suffering from mental illness. Muleta hopes to create innovative tools, such as media, to educate and promote better mental health to the African's affected by substance abuse and mental health problems. In the meantime Medixaa has and will be providing support to Sewasew Genet Charity Organization in Ethiopia for caring 44 Psychiatric patients of all age groups.