Medixaa Health Services (MHS)



Medixaa Health Services (MHS) is a mental health awareness campaign committed to building a community of support for Minorities with
mental health concerns. Our goal is to assist in reducing the stigma that mental health carries and educate the public about mental
illness. MHS is devoted to work with minority groups, to further assist bridging the gap of mental health disparities.


Ledet Muleta

Ledet Muleta is the founder and director of Medixaa Health Services. Ledet has been working in the field of Behavioral Health for the past 14 years. Her passion for mental health and psychology stems from the rich experiences she has had as a nurse as well as her personal experiences. Professionally she has worked at the University of Maryland Medical Center and recently as a Senior Clinical Research Nurse at the National Institute of Health. Ledet received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati and her Master in Public Health from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.



Michele Solomon Council

Michele Solomon Council worked as vice president for two nonprofit organizations over the course of 10 years and has assisted in developing successful community events, fundraisers, and educational workshops. Although Michele’s degree is in Business Management, an area in which she has worked for many years, her passion is in humanitarian work. It is important to her that every man, woman, and child has an opportunity to be cared for, sheltered, clothed, fed, and protected. Her passion is to provide the resources and education to accomplish that goal.

Emily Watson

Emily Watson has both her Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota. She is always looking to serve underprivileged minority groups. She has assisted more than a few organizations in their goal of integrating vulnerable groups to become productive members of society.